UI5 & Fiori

  • Validating User Input in UI5 / Fiori

    Tags: UI5, Fiori

    If you ever worked with SAP GUI, you know the strong built-in capability which validates user input format based on the underlying Domain settings (DOMA) embedded into the Data Elemenet behind the … more

  • Popup to Confirm in SAPUI5 Fiori

    Save time and have much clearer coding instead of implementing specialized confirmation Dialogs in Fiori / SAPUI5.

    fnOK: callback function in the controller to invoke, when user press OK button in … more

  • Fiori Translation Procedure

    Fiori applications can retrieve texts and translations both from the backend system and from i18n resource bundle files of the application. However might happen, that these changes do not become … more

  • How-to save and share memory data in UI5

    Tags: UI5, Fiori

    When you want to save some variables at the client side, without using an OData Model connected to the backend, you can do it using a model of type JSON in your controller. Like you define objects … more