Connect to HANA Express CLI / console from linux

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Here you will find the steps required to connect your HANA Express instance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)  hosted by Amazon Web Services / Cloud provider from your linux desktop. My linux is (k)ubuntu a debian based distribution. I use this personally and for development. Unfortunately, I cannot ignore the need to use Windows sometimes, due only SAP GUI for Windows provides you to feature of the screen painter (SAP GUI for Java not), and editing SAP Documentation text in Word, which otherwise would be very painful in a list editor as tens of years ago. ABAP in Eclipse looks much better on linux, than on windows. I wanted to know, how the components of HANA - running on SUSE server - looks like, and to log on to the HANA CLI. So let's go.

Download the private key

The communication between the cloud and your linux desktop must be encrypted and decrypted with a public and private keys. Go to your instance in CAL, and download your key without encryption.

Obtain IP Adress of Your Cloud Cerver

Go to your instance in CAL, and copy the External IP Adress

Add a new entry in the /etc/hosts file using that address vhcalhxedb

Tips: console, sudo, nano

Create a new folder within folder /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/

For example hanaexpress and move and rename the .CER file to a .crt file in that new folder. So at the end, you will have a file like this: /usr/local/share/ca-certificates/hanaexpress/HANA+2.0.crt

Tips: console, sudo, mkdir

Update certificate store

Issue the following comamnd in the console / terminal of your linux environment. This will generate the PEM file in /etc/ssl/certs folder. This is no big magic, you just have the key as  a .PEM file, but as part of your linux ssl certificate store

sudo update-ca-certificates

Connect to SAP HANA Express using SSH

This is linux, great, because we do not need further clients like putty whatever, just the console to issue ( linux talks to linux :)

ssh -i /etc/ssl/certs/HANA+2.0.pem  root@vhcalhxedb

This will bring you to the Linux OS level of your HANA Express Instance. Enter the master password specified when you created the instance, and do not forget this is the OS level only. You need to log in to the HANA CLI afterwards.

Login to HANA Command Line Interface (CLI)

sudo su - hxeadm

xs login


PASSWORD> Type In Your Master Password specified when you created the instance