Console commands for HANA XSA CLI


SAP HANA server is running either on redhat ort suse linux enterprise servers. Couple of management tasks are/can be executed in console. First you log on to the linux server remotely using a console, then launch the SAP HANA XSA CLI within the linux console. Both require issuing commands. Syntax for the comamnds is linux also.

As a beginner good to collect the commands used to communicate with SAP HANA using the Extended Application Services Command Line Interface (XSA CLI). Here are some of them, without any specification, man/help command is always available for that on linux and XSA CLI. The below commands include linux ones.

Commands of XSA CLI  are started with the keyword xs. This is followed by a <command> recognized by XSA CLI . The various <command>s , can be followed by their specific and accepted [<Arguments>] and [<Options>]. Summarized an XSA CLI command is executed with the following syntax: xs <command> [<Arguments>] [<Options>].  

List of all XSA CLI commands: xs help -a

Help for a given XSA CLI comand: xs help <command>, for example xs help apps

Connecting to SAP HANA Express instnce (a linux server) on SAP Cloud Appliance library from Linux console

ssh -i /etc/ssl/certs/HANA+2.0.pem  root@vhcalhxedb

Login to XSA

xs login

Version info

xs version

List spaces

xs spaces

Switch Space

xs target -s <space>

List deployed apps in the current space

xs apps

List of services in the current space

xs services

Application routes per domain port and protocol

xs routes

Get application runtime environments and versions (java. nodejs, python etc.)

xs buildpacks and xs runtimes

User list

xs users