• CDS and Domain Fixed Values as Value Help

    "Fiori Elements" is a great opportunity for rapid application development for simple scenarios. In lot of cases ABAP developers maintain domain fixed values to have a drop-down list automatically … more

  • Generate Adobe PDF in background

    Tags: ABAP

    Sometimes you need to generate an Adobe PDF in the background, for example to send it as attachment or store it on a remote storage.

    Info:to be able to generate the PDF in the background, the J2EE … more

  • F4 / search help, disable personalisation values

    Tags: ABAP

    Include the code below within the serach help exit to disable personalization (create a search help exit or enhance an existing one )

    IF callcontrol-step = 'SELECT'.

    callcontrol-pvalues = 'E'. … more

  • Plan Report / Job in background programmatically

    Tags: ABAP

    There are cases, when you need to plan reports programatically to run in background in ABAP - providing some selection parameters - such as cleanup reports, generations, data retrieval and storage … more

  • ABAP Editor - Tips & Tricks

    Tags: ABAP

    There is a small icon at the bottom right corner of the ABAP Editor.

    Opening the settings dialog, customization options and tools will be shown for you. There are really useful possibilities … more

  • Reading text / html file from MIME Repository

    Tags: ABAP

    The MIME repository is a safe solution in aspect, it is keeping the file as it is, without any transitions.

    Create your text based file (HTML,txt etc.) with UTF-8 encoding

    Launch transaction SE80 … more

  • Application Log Helper Class

    Tags: ABAP, Log

    Every ABAP developer will write an application log some day. SAP system provides wide range of logging and monitoring capabilities from simple tools to sophisticated ones. SAP is restructuring the … more