Utilize Notepad++ for ABAP Language

Every developer use text editors for several purposes. My favorite is Notepad++. You can use it to store values during debugging, to store source code temporary or save your code patterns and examples to text files.  Notepad++ itself contains lot of very useful features for developers. Additional plugins like comparison, encoding special characters to escape in xml, JS Tools etc. provide you even more possibilities to support your daily developer work.

The image below looks nice, you can clearly see the same styles as in the ABAP Editor. 

Notepad++ contains lot of predefined languages, which makes possible to format your source code. ABAP is not part of the predefined languages unfortunately, therefore I created the definition of the ABAP language. All you need is to import this file ABAP.XML. To do this open the Language menu and choose Define your language. Here push Button Import, and browse for the ABAP.XML file. After import restart Notepad++.  You are ready.

If you save your text files with extension .abap, then it will be formatted automatically, else you need to choose ABAP in the Language menu listed at the end of the Language menu.

It contains all the ABAP keywords and operators updated to version NW 7.52. Code folding no more used, due class editor now supports source code based display, and managing it in this langauage is not covered yet.

 You can copy with syntax highlighting

This lanaguage definition is under continous development. You might face minor issues.