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There are frequented and unfrequented ABAP statements for every developer required from time to time during this life. This is my growing list and memories of ABAP built-in functions, statements, blogs and helper classes, of which syntax and existence is good to know. All Copyrights belongs to SAP, I just printed some materials from ABAP Keyword Documentation sites and SCN. This is required, because a small devil   parts of my brain time to time.

Round, Rescale ABAP Keyword Documentation
cl_abap_math Class
cl_abap_marcher Class
demo_regex, demo_regex_toy Report
SQL: Select One Row , SINGLE vs UP TO 1 ROW   ABAP Blog (by Horst Keller)
boolc, boolx, xsdbool - Boolean Functions ABAP Keyword Documentation
c14z_messages_show_as_popup - Sophisticated ALV Message Popup Function Module (in ECC)
cf_reca_message_list - Feature rich OO Application Log handler Class (in ECC)
cl_fs_path - File System Paths Class
cl_abap_char_utilities - Char Utility including special characters Class
cl_abap_file_utilities - File Utilities Class
cl_abap_container_utilities - Read and Write Container  Class
cl_uuid_factory, if_system_uuid - UUID Genration and conversion Class/Interface