ABAP into Darkness 2 - ABAP Dark Theme for Eclipse

ABAP Developer Tools is available for several years now. The capabilities reached the convinient and efficient level of ABAP source code edition with Netweaver 7.5. Working with it for daily and regular ABAP development is quite good and easy, especially pressing F2 over any ABAP Object in the Editor gives you instant information about the object, even in the debugger. This is great. I decided to spend time to customize the colors of the Editor.

The Dark Theme for eclipse is validated on Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers/Version: Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2). If you haven't installed ADT yet, proceed as described at https://tools.hana.ondemand.com/#abap, and install Java EE IDE (http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/release/Oxygen/2). 

Important for existing ADT Users: the colors and fonts were setup for ABAP and CDS only. If you work with other kind of source code files in eclipse, You will face problems with the colors, and your other configurations will lost. If you still want to enjoy the ABAP Darkness, please have a separate instance of eclipse for editing ABAP Code (the best is to have a fresh install). This is what I actually did, due most of the time I spend with ABAP language in eclipse only during the working hours (others managed mainly in SAP WebIDE). 


  • As prerequisite, you need to Install Adobe Source Code Pro font on OS level. Choose the right type for your system. The Dark Theme for SE80 is set to that font. If you don't like this font, simply ignore this step and use the good old default Consolas font. I personally feel much better readibility. It might strange for the first time to work with this font, but after several hours you should feel the benefits.
  • Close all your projects in eclipse, do not delete them !
  • Backup your eclipse preferences for safety: File-Export: Choose Preferences
  • Close eclipse
  • Backup your eclipse and workspace folder for safety
  • Download and unpack this Preference File: Download
  • Open your original eclipse instance, and select File-Import, then Preferences. Select the the file downloaded in previous step 
  • Reopen your projects, and select an ABAP Code to validate the installation (facing problems?, hope not, but you can import your old prferences file)