• Determine MIME type in ABAP

    Tags: ABAP

    DATA: dot_offset TYPE i, extension TYPE w3fileext, filename TYPE char255 VALUE 'myTime.xlsx', mimetype TYPE w3conttype. FIND FIRST OCCURRENCE OF REGEX '\.[^\.]+$' IN filename MATCH OFFSET dot_ … more

  • Store, read and download file from MIME repository

    MIME repository is a nice and convenient way to store and provide built in documents for end users. It comes handy, when working with templates. User can download the up to date templates always. … more

  • Reading Workitem / Workflow Container

    Tags: ABAP, Workflow

    Simple value as string


        CLASS-METHODS read_single_container_value       IMPORTING         i_name         TYPE clike         i_workitem_id  TYPE sww_wiid       RETURNING         VALUE( … more

  • Get name of months in ABAP

    Tags: ABAP

    Nothing tricky here, function module MONTH_NAMES_GET is available for that purpose

     DATA: month_names TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t247. CALL FUNCTION 'MONTH_NAMES_GET' TABLES month_names = month_ … more

  • Reading BRF+ Decision Table into ABAP

    The below snippet helps you to read BRF+ decision tables into ABAP, where only I EQ LOW range or direct value assignment is specified in a particular BRF+ table cell (everything other is ignored). … more

  • ABAP into Darkness 2 - ABAP Dark Theme for Eclipse

    ABAP Developer Tools is available for several years now. The capabilities reached the convinient and efficient level of ABAP source code edition with Netweaver 7.5. Working with it for daily and … more

  • Everyday ABAP, Keywords, Notes and some useful stuff

    Tags: ABAP

    There are frequented and unfrequented ABAP statements for every developer required from time to time during this life. This is my growing list and memories of ABAP built-in functions, statements, … more