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  • Cell Color in FPM List

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    Like in the SAP GUI or WebDynpro lists, you can paint the cell background of a field.  

    Add a new component of type WDUI_TABLE_CELL_DESIGN to the table line structure ( e.g. STATUS_CELL_DESIGN) … more

  • FPM Cell Background Color Codes

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    This value list comes from the domain behind data element WDUI_TABLE_CELL_DESIGN. You can use these codes to paint your cell backgrounds. Check it out

    36 alternating

    03 badvalue_dark

    05 badvalue_ … more

  • Display error page in Floorplan Manager

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    Various reason can be for terminating a Floorplan Manager application, like unsufficient authorization to launch the application. This can be done with the pattern below.


    ls_message … more

  • Building field catalog in Floorplan Manager

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    As you already know, Floorplan Manager was built on top of ABAP WebDynpro to standardize the look & feel and development of web based UIs built with ABAP. Some of the generic tasks is to create the … more

  • File Download in Floorplan Manager Applications

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    There is no specific event or dedicated interface provided by Floorplan Manager (FPM) to execute a download. However it is possible the same way like in WebDynpro applications, since FPM is based on … more

  • Data Loss Popup in Floorplan Manager

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    GUIBBs can register to provide possibility to interrupt events showing a popup. Ths user can decide to continue or break event processing. This is supported by the FPM framewerok providing data loss … more