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  • Determine MIME type in ABAP

    Tags: ABAP

    DATA: dot_offset TYPE i, extension TYPE w3fileext, filename TYPE char255 VALUE 'myTime.xlsx', mimetype TYPE w3conttype. FIND FIRST OCCURRENCE OF REGEX '\.[^\.]+$' IN filename MATCH OFFSET dot_ … more

  • Reading Workitem / Workflow Container

    Tags: ABAP, Workflow

    Simple value as string


        CLASS-METHODS read_single_container_value       IMPORTING         i_name         TYPE clike         i_workitem_id  TYPE sww_wiid       RETURNING         VALUE( … more

  • Get name of months in ABAP

    Tags: ABAP

    Nothing tricky here, function module MONTH_NAMES_GET is available for that purpose

     DATA: month_names TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF t247. CALL FUNCTION 'MONTH_NAMES_GET' TABLES month_names = month_ … more

  • Everyday ABAP, Keywords, Notes and some useful stuff

    Tags: ABAP

    There are frequented and unfrequented ABAP statements for every developer required from time to time during this life. This is my growing list and memories of ABAP built-in functions, statements, … more

  • Generate Adobe PDF in background

    Tags: ABAP

    Sometimes you need to generate an Adobe PDF in the background, for example to send it as attachment or store it on a remote storage.

    Info:to be able to generate the PDF in the background, the J2EE … more

  • F4 / search help, disable personalisation values

    Tags: ABAP

    Include the code below within the serach help exit to disable personalization (create a search help exit or enhance an existing one )

    IF callcontrol-step = 'SELECT'.

    callcontrol-pvalues = 'E'. … more