We believe, sharing knowledge is a good way to have better solutions and improve general quality of software implementations. Using classes - with static methods only - is not Object Oriented programming. It begins when you start to apply the OO patterns...

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Still the greatest business application programming language with powerful frameworks to implement custom applications in rapid manner. Check out this snippet section for ABAP examples.

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UI5 & Fiori

Am I dreaming suddenly landing as ABAP developer in the open standard world ? What is UI5 about ? Do I need learn HTML5 and javascript or rather learn the API of UI5 libraries and get more about the concept and runtime environment ?

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Supplier Relationship Management is member of the Business Suite to support purchasing processes. Meet the solutions of the most common programming and enhancement requirements.

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Floorplan Manager

When it comes to complexity, to realize a browser enabled web application, Floorplan Manager (FPM) is still a great standardized User Interface, which is capable to manage sophisticated business requirements with server side programming approach. You can gain capabilities of SADL and FPM Wizards to create applications here also. 

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