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  • How to search in WebDynpro Components

    Tags: WD

    There is a specific class behind every ABAP WebDynpro component. This is generated by the system with category 80 - WebDynpro Runtime Object. You can view this class in SE24 only, and execute search … more

  • F4 / search help, disable personalisation values

    Tags: ABAP

    Include the code below within the serach help exit to disable personalization (create a search help exit or enhance an existing one )

    IF callcontrol-step = 'SELECT'.

    callcontrol-pvalues = 'E'. … more

  • Get backend RFC destination in SRM

    Tags: SRM

    This code is working properly, when the SRM system is connected to exactly one ECC Backend only.


    lt_logsys TYPE bbpt_logical_system,

    ls_logsys TYPE bbps_logical_ … more

  • ABAP Editor - Tips & Tricks

    Tags: ABAP

    There is a small icon at the bottom right corner of the ABAP Editor.

    Opening the settings dialog, customization options and tools will be shown for you. There are really useful possibilities … more

  • File Download in Floorplan Manager Applications

    Tags: FPM

    There is no specific event or dedicated interface provided by Floorplan Manager (FPM) to execute a download. However it is possible the same way like in WebDynpro applications, since FPM is based on … more

  • How-to save and share memory data in UI5

    Tags: UI5, Fiori

    When you want to save some variables at the client side, without using an OData Model connected to the backend, you can do it using a model of type JSON in your controller. Like you define objects … more

  • Catch messages of Procurement Document (PD) layer in SRM

    Tags: SRM

    There are lot of cases, where the message source is not the channel or the BO layer in SRM. In this case, put your external break-point to the function BBP_PD_MSG_ADD. This helps you to identify the … more

  • Application Log Helper Class

    Tags: ABAP, Log

    Every ABAP developer will write an application log some day. SAP system provides wide range of logging and monitoring capabilities from simple tools to sophisticated ones. SAP is restructuring the … more