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  • Reading text / html file from MIME Repository

    Tags: ABAP

    The MIME repository is a safe solution in aspect, it is keeping the file as it is, without any transitions.

    Create your text based file (HTML,txt etc.) with UTF-8 encoding

    Launch transaction SE80 … more

  • Plan Report / Job in background programmatically

    Tags: ABAP

    There are cases, when you need to plan reports programatically to run in background in ABAP - providing some selection parameters - such as cleanup reports, generations, data retrieval and storage … more

  • Generate Adobe PDF in background

    Tags: ABAP

    Sometimes you need to generate an Adobe PDF in the background, for example to send it as attachment or store it on a remote storage.

    Info:to be able to generate the PDF in the background, the J2EE … more

  • CDS and Domain Fixed Values as Value Help

    "Fiori Elements" is a great opportunity for rapid application development for simple scenarios. In lot of cases ABAP developers maintain domain fixed values to have a drop-down list automatically … more

  • FPM Cell Background Color Codes

    Tags: FPM

    This value list comes from the domain behind data element WDUI_TABLE_CELL_DESIGN. You can use these codes to paint your cell backgrounds. Check it out

    36 alternating

    03 badvalue_dark

    05 badvalue_ … more

  • How to search in WebDynpro Components

    Tags: WD

    There is a specific class behind every ABAP WebDynpro component. This is generated by the system with category 80 - WebDynpro Runtime Object. You can view this class in SE24 only, and execute search … more

  • F4 / search help, disable personalisation values

    Tags: ABAP

    Include the code below within the serach help exit to disable personalization (create a search help exit or enhance an existing one )

    IF callcontrol-step = 'SELECT'.

    callcontrol-pvalues = 'E'. … more