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  • Utilize Notepad++ for ABAP Language

    Every developer use text editors for several purposes. My favorite is Notepad++. You can use it to store values during debugging, to store source code temporary or save your code patterns and … more

  • SRM Programming

    Tags: SRM



    Document Status


    constant interface

    Object Types


    constant interface

    Procurement … more

  • Fiori Translation Procedure

    Fiori applications can retrieve texts and translations both from the backend system and from i18n resource bundle files of the application. However might happen, that these changes do not become … more

  • Data Loss Popup in Floorplan Manager

    Tags: FPM

    GUIBBs can register to provide possibility to interrupt events showing a popup. Ths user can decide to continue or break event processing. This is supported by the FPM framewerok providing data loss … more

  • Building field catalog in Floorplan Manager

    Tags: FPM

    As you already know, Floorplan Manager was built on top of ABAP WebDynpro to standardize the look & feel and development of web based UIs built with ABAP. Some of the generic tasks is to create the … more

  • Display error page in Floorplan Manager

    Tags: FPM

    Various reason can be for terminating a Floorplan Manager application, like unsufficient authorization to launch the application. This can be done with the pattern below.


    ls_message … more

  • Cell Color in FPM List

    Tags: FPM

    Like in the SAP GUI or WebDynpro lists, you can paint the cell background of a field.  

    Add a new component of type WDUI_TABLE_CELL_DESIGN to the table line structure ( e.g. STATUS_CELL_DESIGN) … more

  • F4 / search help, filter results

    Tags: ABAP, Value Help

    When you want to filter the results dynamically based on some criteria, you can do it in search help exits. The example below demonstrates how to create your own exit. If you need it in a standard … more