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  • Determine MIME type in ABAP

    Tags: ABAP

    DATA: dot_offset TYPE i, extension TYPE w3fileext, filename TYPE char255 VALUE 'myTime.xlsx', mimetype TYPE w3conttype. FIND FIRST OCCURRENCE OF REGEX '\.[^\.]+$' IN filename MATCH OFFSET dot_ … more

  • Console commands for HANA XSA CLI

    Tags: HANA, CLI

    SAP HANA server is running either on redhat ort suse linux enterprise servers. Couple of management tasks are/can be executed in console. First you log on to the linux server remotely using a console, … more

  • Connect to HANA Express CLI / console from linux

    Tags: HANA

    Here you will find the steps required to connect your HANA Express instance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library (CAL)  hosted by Amazon Web Services / Cloud provider from your linux desktop. My linux is ( … more

  • Popup to Confirm in SAPUI5 Fiori

    Save time and have much clearer coding instead of implementing specialized confirmation Dialogs in Fiori / SAPUI5.

    fnOK: callback function in the controller to invoke, when user press OK button in … more

  • Everyday ABAP, Keywords, Notes and some useful stuff

    Tags: ABAP

    There are frequented and unfrequented ABAP statements for every developer required from time to time during this life. This is my growing list and memories of ABAP built-in functions, statements, … more

  • Validating User Input in UI5 / Fiori

    Tags: UI5, Fiori

    If you ever worked with SAP GUI, you know the strong built-in capability which validates user input format based on the underlying Domain settings (DOMA) embedded into the Data Elemenet behind the … more